Standard Crane

Transfer Car

, Standard Crane – Transfer Car

Jenmon Transfer Car is a reliable solution to aid in transferring raw materials from one workshop to another, or from one bay to another. It is widely applicable in the various industries such as Shipyard, Tunnelling, Palm Oil and Railway industries. However, it is mainly used to transfer steel coils in factories.

Depending on our customers’ requirements, it can be part of a crane system, shuttling goods, materials and/or products to and from the manufacturing process or storage locations.

Thus, we are sure that Jenmon Transfer Car is suitable for every customer who is in need of help when transferring the carriage to different workshops, enhancing the maximum usage of the small space.


  • Motorised Cart
  • Manually Operated Cart
  • Cable Reel / Energy Chain
  • Warning Alarm
  • Winch Application or Motorized Trolley
  • Deck Control / Pendant Control
  • Designated Stop Point
  • Custom Design to Accommodate Load Shape and Retention
  • Remote Control