Past Projects 2013


Awarded by Poh Cheong Pre-cast Pte Ltd for 10 units of Gantry Crane and Electrical Overhead Travelling Cranes for Precast Yard in Malaysia

Jenmon was awarded by Poh Cheong Pre-cast Pte Ltd to deliver and install 6 units of Gantry Cranes, 4 units of Electrical Overhead Travelling Cranes, and an additional 2 cranes for the construction and operation of their first overseas manufacturing facility in Iskandar Malaysia. This gigantic plant was sited on a 15.5-acre freehold industrial land. Furthermore, it was capable of producing more than 300 cubic metres of pre-cast concrete daily. Although the market was dominated by local crane players, Jenmon was selected by Poh

, Past Project – 2013

Cheong due to mutual trust. Moreover, this order was a break-through for Jenmon to venture into the Malaysia market.

Jenmon operated the fabrication in our Johor plant, thus saving time when delivering both the Gantry and Overhead cranes to Poh Cheong’s pre-cast yard.

Awarded by Hyflux Singapore for 23 units of Manual Chain Blocks and 5 units of Underslung Cranes for Gas Turbine Power Plant at Tuas Plant

Hyflux Singapore is a specialist in water treatment and one of the top few global desalination plant providers. Energy-wise, the company had expanded from energy generation and retail to include waste-to-energy, providing clean and renewable energy.

Jenmon was awarded by Hyflux Singapore to supply 23 units of Manual Chain Blocks and 5 units of Underslung Cranes for the operation of a 411 MW on-site combined cycle gas turbine power plant to supply electricity to the desalination plant.

, Past Project – 2013

This desalination project is located 250m away from SingSpring Desalination Plant, which is also built by Hyflux Singapore. These two desalination plants are expected fulfil up to 25% of Singapore’s water needs, as well as contribute the diversification and sustainability of the nation’s water supply.

From installing to commissioning, Jenmon inspected all the Chain Blocks and Underslung Cranes carefully, making sure that the cranes were of reliable quality, and that the work was carried out safely. Furthermore, Jenmon satisfied the customer’s specific requirement for the Underslung Crane by reducing the need for vertical columns. This played a key role in reducing obstructions at ground level.

Awarded by BAM International for 2 units of 70 ton Double Girder Gantry Cranes for a bridge project

BAM International is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, one of Europe’s largest contracting companies with extensive international experience. Their cantilever bridge was undergoing modification in Batam, Indonesia, in preparation for the largest oil and gas project in Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory. Part of the innovation included gantry cranes, which were capable of transporting large concrete beams across the self-propelled CLB.

Jenmon was proud to be awarded for 2 units of 70 ton Double Girder Gantry Cranes. The whole project comprised of crane design in accordance is Australia Standards, fabrication control, arrangement of shipment, pre-assembling, testing and commissioning at their Batam yard. It also included calibration at Darwin for final commissioning.

, Past Project – 2013

Most of the operations were to be carried out away from the convenience of our home ground, Singapore. As such, necessary considerations and preparations were required to ensure smooth operations at the Batam yard.

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Awarded by China Railway 11 Bureau Group Corporation for 2 units of 60 ton and 10 ton Double Girder Gantry Cranes for Land Transport Authority (LTA) – Tuas Extension

Jenmon was awarded by China Railway 11 Bureau Group Corporation to deliver, install and commission 2 units of Double Girder Gantry Cranes. We were also required to assemble 2 units of China-made Gantry Cranes in their pre-cast yard.

Jenmon’s cranes design specifications were based on the FEM/DIN standards and Singapore SS497. This was unlike the China-made Gantry Cranes which design specifications were based on their local standards, and thus was non-compliant in Singapore.

, Past Project – 2013

Jenmon’s team worked very closely with the customer, reviewing and amending the planned process to ensure their cranes were operational. With the contractual agreement, we periodically conducted maintenance services on both the China-made Gantry Cranes and the newly installed Jenmon cranes, so as to enhance the safety and productivity of the cranes.

Our Jenmon cranes were assembled with various safety features, remote controls and anti-collision sensors. This ensure a more smooth and efficient operation of the cranes.

Awarded by McConnell Dowell for 2 units of 25 ton Gantry Cranes and 1 unit of 1.5 ton Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane for Land Transport Authority (LTA) – Downtown Line (DTL)2 – C916 station

As one of the main subsidiaries of McConnell Dowell, McConnell Dowell South East Asia Pte Ltd has built a variety of quality assets and facilities for clients and communities. They are a major engineering, construction, building and maintenance contractor delivering infrastructure to the building, mining, oil and gas, power, petrochemical, social and public infrastructure, transport and water sectors. Among the numerous LTA projects, DTL2, C916 Beauty World Station and Tunnel project was awarded to McConnell Dowell,

, Past Project – 2013

which has been operating for over 40 continuous years, supporting the development of Singapore. With McConnell Dowell’s venture into their first MRT project, gave them a stronger foot hold in the industry.

Jenmon was awarded by McConnell Dowell to supply and install 2 units of 25 ton Gantry Cranes and 1 unit of 1.5 ton Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane for this project.

This was not the first purchase as Jenmon had already been appointed as the crane provider for McConnell Dowell for several projects in Jurong Island. Jenmon has maintained a good track record and excellent relationship with yet another reputable company, McConnell Dowell South East Asia Pte Ltd. These traits of Long-term Relationships and Spirit of Excellent were displayed in many projects, as implemented by Jenmon’s team.