Electronic Servicing Operation System (eSOS) Launch

Jenmon International Pte Ltd revolutionises after-sales service by introducing our latest innovated technology, Electronic Servicing Operation System (eSOS).

, Services – Electronic Servicing Operation System (eSOS) Launch

In line with the current global trend of using technology to enhance the efficiency of data processing, Jenmon International Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the release of our new Electronic Servicing Operation System. It enables the customer to instantaneously check on their service, as well as the maintenance report once the job has been carried out at the site.

We believe that with this new system, our customers no longer need to face the same issues when using the traditional paper system, such as reports being misplaced or lost. Moreover, the paperless system emphasises on our care for the environment. As a socially responsible corporation, we must do our part in preserving the trees around us in order to take care of the Earth.

Features of eSOS Benefits of eSOS
Crane’s condition is updated directly through the online eSOS system. Able to track history of previous reports and get an auto-reminder for maintenance/inspection/pending job status effectively.
Crane’s report of recommended parts will be sent to Service Sales to generate quotation immediately. Quotation can be generated instantaneously from system – especially for an urgent part. This minimises operations downtime.
Charges of breakdown calls are calculated by the system. Auto calculations from the system for breakdown charges reduces any financial discrepancies.
Technicians’ current locations and arrival times are identifiable via GPS. System keeps track of technicians’ exact locations, so that operations will be able to provide more accurate timings for Technician’s arrival to customers.
Customer can receive the management report on the cranes status once the job is completed. Customers’ management team will have a clear overview of their cranes’ operation costs via the online system which they can access, instead of waiting for their team to compile the data.
Keeping track of cranes’ certifications validities and updates accordingly. Customers do not need to monitor their cranes’ certifications via excel spreadsheet or oversight on their cranes’ expiry dates as the system will prompt the expiry one month in advance. This prevents any disruption to the usage of cranes.
Information regarding the cranes are updated constantly via the system. Customers do not need to search everywhere to find out the cranes’ expenses, parts changed and re-certification date as this is a one-stop portal to obtain all the information they need.

In summary, we believe that growing with our existing clients by helping them grow is the right approach to fulfil our mission of providing QUALITY Lifting Products & Services. In order to maintain the long-term relationships with our customers, we will continuously try to help by providing high quality services and improving their productivity.