Safety Accessories

Electronic SMART Crane System (eSMART)

Jenmon International Pte Ltd is proud to present our new safety system, eSMART. eSMART is designed to prevent crane accidents at job site by providing real-time data to authorised personnel to halt the crane operations immediately, when required.

, Safety Accessories – Electronic SMART Crane System (eSMART)

Created with the intent to ensure smooth and safe operation(s) at job sites, eSMART seeks to ease our customers worry. Through the eSMART portal, our customers are able to use the system on their own!

This one-stop portal enables the recording and retrieving of the cranes and operator’s data. This allows our customer to analyse their crane(s)’ condition, view the crane’s exact location, the assigned operator, and receive any fault alerts on their crane(s) that requires necessary action to be taken.

How eSMART works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Crane(s) faults are detected in real-time and an alert will be sent via SMS or WhatsApp to the customer’s mobile.
  2. In the event the crane is faulty or used inappropriately by the crane operator, Supervisor(s) or PIC(s) are able to remotely authorise the stoppage of the crane through the eSMART mobile app.
  3. This allows for immediate rectification of crane faults by crane specialist or to correct/retrain the crane operator on the mishandling of crane.


  1. Prevent unnecessary accident from happening i.e. workers getting hurt.
  2. Minimise the risk of unauthorised operator’s using the crane as our customers are able to login to assign a crane to a specific operator for the day.
  3. Save costs as it immediately identifies incorrect operational procedures, which can refrain sever damages on crane(s) and huge repair cost.
  4. Ensures transparency as it is able to deliver precise data and information to the PIC.
  5. Environmentally friendly system which abolishes the need for paper reporting.

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, Safety Accessories – Electronic SMART Crane System (eSMART)