Introduction to Smart Lifting- Elebia Autohooks, SLU

Jenmon International Pte Ltd is honoured to be a regional distributor of leading crane hook company, Elebia Autohooks, SLU. Elebia is a well acclaimed Spanish company that specialises in automated lifting hooks.

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As we move into a more technologically driven society, and where time is of the essence, Elebia provides a “Faster. Safer. Better!” way to hook up a load. Elebia’s automatic hooks when paired with their eMax -remote controls, enables the customer to reduce the risk of mishaps. This is done by leveraging on advanced technology to control the lifting process at a safe distance.

Elebia’s sustainable innovation of which displays and records data in real time, may aid the customer in their documentation process and encourage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as the customer transitions into paperless system.

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Below are some of the key Features and Benefits of Elebia’s automatic crane hook and remote control:

Quality Materials Its WELDOX body is forged to withstand tough conditions i.e. extreme temperatures, marine, DNV, etc.
Ease of Use Designed to be small, light and compact, its design allows for accessible and convenient usage
High Capacity Battery Optimized design facilitates efficient charging of 3 hours that can last averagely for a week
Fail-Safe Design Devised under a fail-safe principle, the automatic crane hook is created to prevent the load from being released when elevated
Automatic Latch Well-built interface enables the motor clutch to be protected from the impact emitted through the automatic hook
Longer Lasting Motor Customers do not need to monitor their cranes’ certifications via excel spreadsheet or oversight on their cranes’ expiry dates as the system will prompt the expiry one month in advance. This prevents any disruption to the usage of cranes.
Swivel with Bearings The bearings permit the hook to turn 360 degrees. Alternatively, the operator may secure it at each 90 degrees angle.
Adjustable Top Link The framework that connects the hook with the crane can be altered to fit the circumstances
Magnetic System Aims to “attract, center and orient the masterlink”. Additionally, the smart sensor integrated in the magnet will signal when the ring is in right position
Mobile Ergonomics User-friendly device with directional key pad that is light and comfortable to use and hold
Prevent and Track Overload It may act as a weighing scale as the precise load can be measured. Moreover, an alarm can be set on the remote in the event the load exceeds capacity.
Synchronised Displays and receives data in real time/ orders relayed to PLCs/PCs
Acquires Historical Data Logs event file that records the activities of the hook

In conclusion, we at Jenmon International Pte Ltd are excited to be representing Elebia Autohooks, SLU. We believe our customers can look forward to our QUALITY Lifting Products & Services and an increase in efficiencyproductivity and safety at job sites.

Jenmon Cranes (Australia) was awarded 3 units of 35 ton Gantry Cranes for Melbourne Metro projects

Jenmon Cranes (Australia) was awarded 23 units of Overhead & Gantry Cranes for West Gate projects

Jenmon expanded its footprint into Australia

With our expansion in to Australia, we can better support the customers within the Asia Pacific region for their industrial lifting needs. As a regional crane provider, we go where our customers go.

SMRT introduces use of Gantry Cranes to speed up sleeper replacement on East-West Line

Source : Straits Times

SMRT has introduced the use of fixed Gantry Cranes in the replacement of sleepers along the East-West line (EWL).

The cranes, which are about 20m in height and weigh 74 tonnes, are used to hoist the Road Rail Vehicles (RRV), as well as the sleepers from the ground on to the tracks.

The cranes allow the vehicles, which are used to replace the current wooden sleepers with longer-lasting concrete ones, to be deployed more quickly to the work front, thus allowing more sleepers to be replaced.

There are currently two gantry cranes used for this purpose.

One can be found at the line extension after the Pasir Ris MRT station, which serves the EWL between Pasir Ris and Simei stations, and has been operation since January 2014.

The other, which will be used to replace the sleepers between Jurong East and Boon Lay stations, can be found between Chinese Garden and Lakeside stations and is expected to begin operations in February 2014.

The use of the cranes, manufactured by home-grown company Jenmon International, brings the total number of staging areas from which the RRVs can be launched to six.

Currently, 33% of the 92,000 sleepers on the EWL have been replaced.

Replacement of the sleepers is expected to be completed early next year (2017).

Read now : Straits Times Singapore | Channel NewsAsia

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Electronic Servicing Operation System (eSOS) Launch

Jenmon International Pte Ltd revolutionises “After-sales service” in the Crane industry. Jenmon introduced our latest innovated technology, Electronic Servicing Operation System (eSOS), to bring unparalleled service levels to our customers.

Established in 2001, Jenmon International Pte Ltd has grown from a local start-up to a regional crane and service provider, in an effort to help our customers solve their industrial listing needs and stay ahead. As a sole agent of Verlinde in Singapore, we handle not only hoists, but a wide range of cranes such as Gantry Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes, Monorail Cranes and several others.

In line with the current global trend of using technology to enhance the efficiency of data processing, Jenmon International Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the release of our new Electronic Servicing Operation System. It enables the customer to instantaneously check on their service, as well as the maintenance report once the job has been carried out at the site.

Why eSOS?

Jenmon listens to our customers. We gathered our customers’ feedbacks and found out that many of them have issues tracing hard copies of maintenance or service reports whenever they require information relating to their cranes. For this reason, they find it such a hassle to search for these documents. Thus, we believe that with this new system, our customers no longer need to face the same issues when using the traditional paper system. Moreover, the paperless system emphasises on our care for the environment. As a socially responsible corporation, we must do our part in preserving the trees around us in order to take care of the Earth.

Features of eSOS Benefits of eSOS
Crane’s condition is updated directly through the online eSOS system. Able to track history of previous reports and get an auto-reminder for maintenance/inspection/pending job status effectively.
Crane’s report of recommended parts will be sent to Service Sales to generate quotation immediately. Quotation can be generated instantaneously from system – especially for an urgent part. This minimises operations downtime.
Charges of breakdown calls are calculated by the system. Auto calculations from the system for breakdown charges reduces any financial discrepancies.
Technicians’ current locations and arrival times are identifiable via GPS. System keeps track of technicians’ exact locations, so that operations will be able to provide more accurate timings for Technician’s arrival to customers.
Customer can receive the management report on the cranes status once the job is completed. Customers’ management team will have a clear overview of their cranes’ operation costs via the online system which they can access, instead of waiting for their team to compile the data.
Keeping track of cranes’ certifications validities and updates accordingly. Customers do not need to monitor their cranes’ certifications via excel spreadsheet or oversight on their cranes’ expiry dates as the system will prompt the expiry one month in advance. This prevents any disruption to the usage of cranes.
Information regarding the cranes are updated constantly via the system. Customers do not need to search everywhere to find out the cranes’ expenses, parts changed and re-certification date as this is a one-stop portal to obtain all the information they need.

In summary, we believe that growing with our clients by helping them grow is the right approach to fulfil our mission of providing QUALITY Lifting Products & Services. In order to maintain the long-term relationships with our customers, we will continuously try to help by providing high quality services and improving their productivity..

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Jenmon was appointed as Verlinde distributor for Indonesia

As a distributor for Verlinde, Jenmon has built a successful reputation by providing high-quality products & reliable service throughout Singapore and other Asia Pacific regions. Based on this experience, Jenmon has been selected as a distributor for Indonesia as well. By forging trade links with Indonesia, customers will be able to easily access the Verlinde’s top-notch products range with full local support through Jenmon.

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Expansion into Myanmar – Jenmon was appointed as Verlinde Distributor in Myanmar

Business Time Press Release 2014: Jenmon International Pte Ltd, a supplier of industrial crane systems, has set up a branch office in Myanmar.

Full Article : Business Time May 26, 2014 (pdf)

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Jenmon was appointed as Verlinde distributor for India

Jenmon expands to its market coverage to India.

Jenmon participated in various exhibitions in India to create awareness of our products and services in this country. As Jenmon provides premium European products and quality services, countries including India are relatively price sensitive as their labour is still rather inexpensive as compared to Singapore.

Jenmon focuses on delivering premium products and services to end users in these countries.

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Jenmon expanded its footprint into India and Indonesia

Jenmon is delighted to announce that Jenmon International Pte Ltd has expanded our branch into India and Indonesia.

As a renowned crane manufacturer, we believe that it is mandatory to venture into a new market and assist in establishing their infrastructure. Therefore, we have chosen to explore the India and Indonesia market in detail, thus catering to our customers’ needs as soon as possible with our professional Sales and Service team.

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Consecutively Ranked in Singapore top 500 SME

Jenmon consecutively won the 2nd year of Top 500 SME ranking award for profitable and return on equity. It was an honour to be one of the prominent enterprises in Singapore for successive years. We will continuously strive to provide qualified products and creative solutions to improve your productivity effectively.

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Ranked 22nd in Singapore top 500 SME


Awarded 22nd SINGAPORE 1000 AND SINGAPORE SME 500 RANKINGS by DP info, along with Co-Producer Ernst & Yong (E&Y) and supporting organisations: Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, IE Singapore, SPRING Singapore and The Business Times

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Top 10 Finalists for Emerging Enterprise 2009

Jenmon was awarded as one of the Top 10 Finalists for Emerging Enterprise 2009 organised by OCBC Bank, The Business Times, SPRING Singapore, NUS and RSM Chio Lim. We were recognised as one of the outstanding young businesses in Singapore and it was truly an honour to be a key player in the SME industries. We are proud to receive the Top Finalist OCBC Emerging Enterprise Awards 2009 and will continue to strive to be even better in the future.

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Business Time Press Release 2009

“A diverse customer base and hiring more staff to bag more contracts is Jenmon’s strategy” ,
Managing Director Mark Ong

Full Article : Business Time May 21, 2009 (pdf)

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Appointed as the sole agent of Verlinde

In 2001, Jenmon International Pte Ltd was founded as an engineering company by crane veteran, Mr. Mark Ong. It was also appointed as the sole agent of Verlinde in Singapore.

To Be the Crane Systems Expert for Industrial Lifting. The company focuses solely on designing sophisticated Gantry Crane systems to make complex lifting easier. With a clear vision of being The Renowned Specialist in Industrial Lifting, the first service team was formed in 2002. With significant effort, the service division has grown in size to service our increasing customer base.

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