Industrial Cranes Equipment distributor CEO

Mark Ong

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jenmon International Pte Ltd

Message From CEO

As I look at what Jenmon International has achieved since its inception in 2001, I am extremely proud to announce that we have grown from a local start-up to a regional crane and service provider, helping our customers solve their industrial lifting needs, and staying ahead. Everyone seeks success and as the leader of Jenmon, I cultivate a company culture where success does not just mean churning in a healthy profit. It also includes ensuring that our customers are safe, and are continuously learning, growing, and prospering. Just as I am concerned with the safety of my family, all our staff members are equipped with the necessary safety devices to ensure a smooth and accident-free experience.

At the service level, our attention to even the tiniest detail is what defines our services. Our one-stop and hassle-free service centre is able to detect problems before they arise and solve some of the most complicated problems. We understand that our customers lead very busy lives and thus, do our part by offering convenience and ease to complete their jobs.

Without progress, we would not be where we are today. In order to achieve that, I believe that every person is entitled to learn and keep learning. When there is progress, there is growth. Other than providing a 24/7 stand-by service, we provide up-to-the-minute data inspections, training, as well as refresher courses for our customers to equip them with the necessary information and skills. With growth, comes prosperity. Prosperity is a privilege and that means having the ability to share the great joy with the people we care about.

I am fully aware that Jenmon cannot achieve its success without the unwavering support of our customers and dedicated staff. I am in deep gratitude. Some of our customers work far away from our present location and in order to share Jenmon’s success by bringing the benefits closer to all our customers, Jenmon plans to organise more events and develop more user-friendly systems. As our customer, you have my ironclad promise to always strive for the best while serving your desired needs and keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

Thank you.