Standard Crane

Light Crane Systems

Jenmon Light Crane Systems provide an ideal solution for the movement of light loads.

EUROSYSTEM Alu and Steel offers a variety of possibilities. With a load capacity of 125kg to 2000kg, it offers a more practical solution for handling needs in large facilities.

Our Light Crane System adapts perfectly to your needs during production process and offers many configurations. EUROSYSTEM components are compact, providing an efficient use of space. Furthermore, they can be used as runways and fixed to the ceiling with an adapted suspension system.

Jenmon EUROSYSTEM can take forms or a Monorail, Roller Paths, Single-Girder Overhead Crane, Double-Girder Overhead Cranes, Single or Complex Circuit Systems with sensors for changing the direction of travel or a multi-direction Turntable.


  • Electric Long Travel
  • Mobile Control